What can you do with a fat eighth?

Fat eighth bundles are kind of like the new kid on the block.  Although, they of course have technically been around for a long time,  Moda’s new fat eighth bundles have created a lot more interest.  A fat eighth is approximately 10in x 22in – a very handy size.

So what can you do with them? We have several fat eighth quilt kits online  – all are easy to make and we hope they inspire you to give these little pieces of fabric a go.

Pictured is our Busy Lizzie quilt.  This is a perfect beginners’ pattern – just stack, slice, shuffle and sew!




We LOVE Log Cabin!

Our pattern Log Cabin Hidden Stars which featured in our first book, Jelly Roll Quilts  has to be one of our all time best selling patterns.  In the US this pattern has sold five times more than any other pattern – just goes to show we do love a good ‘ol Log Cabin! So, it is always a delight when we see our patterns made up and come through our longarm studio.  The one pictured below is made by Alison Wicka, which she made to put in her living room at Christmas.  Scroll down to see how different the same pattern can look made up in a different colour way – the quilt pictured at the bottom was made by Chris Farrance, who works in our longarm studio. Don’t both quilts look great but so different at the same time! 

made by Alison Wicka

made by Chris Farrance

Quilt of the Week

We just had to share this gorgeous quilt which passed through our longarm studio this week.   Made by Nicola Wintle for her father’s 80th birthday – this is the perfect quilt for keeping him warm when he is busy working in his study.  We used a very popular quilting design called Vickie’s Feather which worked really well.  The fabrics used in the quilt if you’re wondering are from the gorgeous Little Black Dress II collection by Basic Grey for Moda.  Thanks Nicola for allowing us to share your quilt – your father will be absolutely delighted.

Quilt by Nicola Wintle

Log Cabin Sparkles

We have suddenly realised that we haven’t posted our finished quilt – so sorry – it really hasn’t taken this long to finish. It is now with our publishers ready to go into our new book New Ways with Jelly Rolls due out towards the end of the year.  We really liked the way it turned out and just loved the Lottie Da fabrics by Heather Bailey. We used 39 jelly roll strips plus background fabric for the quilt top and we made some little pinwheels with the remaining strip and used it in the backing. You should know us by now absolutely nothing wasted! My Scottish dad has a lot to answer for!Log Cabin Sparkles

Reversible Jelly Roll Quilt

This is our new jelly roll quilt – called FIRECRACKER!  It is part of our modern reversible jelly roll quilt patterns.  We used an Amish jelly roll coupled with a dark border.  The back of the quilt is made up of all the offcuts so there is no wastage! We have Firecracker available as a pattern and as a quilt kit.  You do need a 60 degree ruler to make this quilt which most people have but if not then they are a worthwhile investment.

We took a long time deciding on what quilting design we should do.   After much deliberation we chose a loopy figure of eight – a simple modern quilting pattern.  We went for a smokey grey thread so it showed up on the borders but blended in with the main quilt top making the quilting less intrusive.

This quilt is suitable for advanced beginners/intermediate quilters.  It’s a fun quilt to make and so vibrant with the plain colourways.  It will make a fantastic Xmas present!!

modern reversible jelly roll quilts

The unique beauty of making quilts is that quite simply you can never tire or be bored.  Fabrics change, trends come and go but there is always something out there to inspire you.  We find that designing quilt patterns is an organic process in that it kind of just evolves without you even realising it has happened.  Since becoming Gammill dealers at the start of the year, we have been researching quilting designs and have really become inspired and excited by all the modern quilting designs out there. We just needed quilts to show off the quilting…. and so our modern jelly roll quilt patterns were born. We wanted simple, easy, contemporary patterns with a twist – the twist being that the quilts are reversible quits.

Our first modern reversible quilt is ‘Return to Sender‘ and is the perfect quilt pattern for beginners as well as seasoned quilters. We have it available as a quilt kit, or as a pattern or even as a downloadable PDF!  We used a fantastic jelly roll called Simply Style by V&Co from Moda coupled with an apple green for the sashing.

Return to Sender jelly roll quilt pattern

There is no wastage at all – on the quilt back we used left over jelly roll strips mixed with a really great new fabric called Flurry by Dashwood Studios.  We hope you like this pattern and look out for more in our modern jelly roll series!

return to send - backing

Kate’s First Quilt

Sometimes you get a customer in the shop who you want the world to know about. This nine year old, Kate Lyall, came into the shop in Dorking with her mother and wanted to make a quilt. Oh yes – I can hear you say it – her mother will probably be doing it. No such thing! Our ever helpful Margaret was in the shop to assist and helped Kate with her fabric selection and showed her how to get started. Every week for the next five weeks Kate came into the shop with her mother as the quilt progressed. When it got to quilting, Margaret suggested tying for ease but no – Kate wanted to quilt it properly and so she did.

Here is Kate with her finished quilt and one she should be very proud of. Well done Kate!
Kate's first quilt