Tabby Road Twist – dessert roll pattern

What can you make with a dessert roll and more to the point – what is a dessert roll?

This yummy sounding precut is made up of twenty 5in wide strips, each cut the width of the fabric (approx. 44in).  Roughly speaking, there is about 2.5m of fabric in a dessert roll – the same as what you would find in a jelly roll.  Back in 2013, we wrote our book, Dessert Roll Quilts showcasing 12 quilt patterns and we continue to champion how versatile dessert rolls can even though it often takes a back seat to it’s better know cousin – the jelly roll.

We recently stumbled across a free pattern by Modkins which formed the inspiration for our Tabby Road Twist pattern.  We have adapted the pattern to be used with dessert rolls and have added in some fun borders too.  This is a really fun quilt to make and uses the partial seaming technique which is easy to learn if you’ve not done this before.

To make this quilt all you need is one Dessert Roll (twenty 5in strips) plus a fat quarter for the middle square and four fat eighths to go with the border. We can’t get enough of Tula Pink’s Tabby Road collection and so our quilt is made with one of our Tabby Road Twist Dessert Rolls and one of our Tabby Road Twist Finishing Packs.

Just click on the link below to download and print off the free pattern and away you go! This is suitable for beginners.

Chris had great fun longarm quilting this with some fabulous custom quilting. She quilted geometric lines going across each of the four main units, a detailed cross-hatch in the centre and then a fun pattern in the borders.

We hope you enjoy working with this great precut and if you do make it, we would love to see some pictures posted on our Facebook page!


Key West by Di Ford-Hall – free quilt pattern

Even if civil war and reproduction prints aren’t quite your thing – trust me, you’ll be swayed by this new collection Key West by Di Ford-Hall.  The ocean washed teals are simply gorgeous and the greens and rich browns are punctuated by splashes of pinks and reds.  You can order the fabrics online or in our shop.

“Gorgeous teals to give your quilts that special antique feel. Inspired by the shades of the ocean around beautiful historical Key West ….. makes me think of Plantation style architecture and Ernest Hemingway!”

We have been lucky enough to meet Di a few times and The Quilt Room ran her mystery BOM featured in Quiltmania magazine.  Her eye for colour and details is simply inspiring.


The quilt below designed by Jean Ann Wright uses the Key West fabrics and wonderfully entitled My Island Home Quilt. The finished size is 72″ x 72″ – just click on the picture to download this free pattern from Andover Fabrics.

My Island Home Quilt designed by: Jean Ann Wright
Key West

Click here to download Andover’s free pattern

Coral Anniversary – Month 2

Here is month two of our Coral Anniversary quilt.  We hope you’ve had a good Bank Holiday weekend and are ready to get started on the next block!

Coral Anniversary – month 2

This block is called Courthouse Steps and a fun and easy block to make.  Pictured below is the finished row by Ellen, one of our pattern testers – she has made her quilt in shades of grey with splashes of colour.


FREE miniature quilt pattern

You may remember last year we ran a free miniature block of the month.  It was very popular so if you fancy getting stuck into something new and miniature then you can download each of the twelve block patterns here.  We would love to see any pictures of blocks or of the finished quilt so please send them to us and we can add them to our gallery!

Notes on Foundation Piecing

month 1 pattern
month 2 pattern
month 3 pattern
month 4 pattern
month 5 pattern
month 6 pattern
month 7 pattern
month 8 pattern
month 9 pattern
month 10 pattern
month 11 pattern
month 12 pattern

block from quilt

Dutch Heritage Frame quilt

How do you like our brand new pattern Dutch Heritage Frame Quilt?  It is using the brand new reproduction fabrics from the Dutch Heritage collection.  With the help of a gorgeous border print, this quilt can be made quickly and easily.  We have used two simple blocks for the quilt centre and the outer border.  The best news is that this is a click to download pattern


Something for the weekend – FREE Eleanor quilt pattern

This lovely range, Eleanor by Anna Griffin arrived in our shop last week and we made some lovely wheels containing 14 fat eighths.  I knew I wanted to make a quilt with it so I gave myself a challenge – to make a quick modern looking quilt.   Time was of the essence so it had to be done this weekend.  So here you are…how to make a quick contemporary quilt in no time at all!

Step 1 – Just opened the wheel – how gorgeous are these fabrics!

Eleanor Wheel by Anna Griffin

Open the wheel


Step 2 – Choose two of the fat eighths and cut each into strips.  I cut mine into five strips each – one 6.5in, three 3.5in and then the balance.  You can cut the strips how you like as we are going to sew them together alternating them to make a striped rectangle.

step 2


Step 3 – Here is the sewn rectangle.



Step 4 – Now take the remaining 12 fat eighths and sew them into a continuous length, inserting the striped rectangle at some point.  I put mine between the fourth and fifth fat eighths but it doesn’t really matter.



Step 5 –  Measure the continuous length of the fat eighths.  Divide this by five and then cut five equal lengths.  I cut five lengths of 56 inches.



Step 6 – When you are happy with how the lengths look next to each other, sew them together and hey presto you have your quilt.  This will be longarm quilted on Wednesday and if you are visiting Sandown Quilt show at the weekend you can see it quilted and bound.  Phew – time now for a cup of tea – or possibly something stronger!