Coral Anniversary

Coral Anniversary – Month 9

Yay! This is the last month and these instructions are for your filler rows and how to put your quilt together.  We would LOVE to see pictures of your finished quilt tops so please do post on our facebook site.

We are also offering a 10% discount if you choose to have your quilt longarm quilted by us. You can find out details on our website here.  Just quote ‘CORAL’ when you book your appointment.



month 9 – Coral Anniversary – click to download

Coral Anniversary – Month 4

This month you’ll be making the Flower Basket block.  You should be getting used to using the Multi-Size Flying Geese & 45/90 ruler by now and you will use it in this block for your half-square triangles.

We would love to post some pictures on our gallery of how you’re getting on – so do email us at

Month 4 – Coral Anniversary – click to download

Coral Anniversary – Month 2

Here is month two of our Coral Anniversary quilt.  We hope you’ve had a good Bank Holiday weekend and are ready to get started on the next block!

Coral Anniversary – month 2

This block is called Courthouse Steps and a fun and easy block to make.  Pictured below is the finished row by Ellen, one of our pattern testers – she has made her quilt in shades of grey with splashes of colour.


Coral Anniversary – Month 1

Little did we know 35 years ago that The Quilt Room would still continue to be a massive part of our lives. So much has changed over the years especially in terms of new techniques – rotary cutting was in its very early infancy when we first opened – not sure how we would manage to make all our shop samples without it now! And how about longarm quilting….well, that was just something completely out of this world – if only we had known that 35 years on we would have not one, but two Gammill Statler Stitchers!

To celebrate this momentous achievement, we have designed a new Block of the Month called Coral Anniversary.  It is a row by row BOM and we will be posting the patterns free each month.  We hope you decide to join in with our birthday celebrations and make this quilt.  We have made it up in gorgeous Tilda fabrics which you can order online or you can of course use any fabrics of your choice.

If you are using your own fabrics, you can download the fabric requirements for each month here.
Month 1 pattern – download your pattern here. 

Coral Anniversary - Quilt Pattern